Thursday, December 12, 2013

Québec’s euthanasia Bill 52 is Lethal

Sign the petition: Québec's euthanasia Bill 52 is lethal.

In February the Québec government will be voting on Bill 52, a bill that would decriminalize euthanasia under the guise of “medical aid in dying.”

• Bill 52 will give Québec doctors the right to lethally inject their patients when they are physically or psychological suffering.

• Bill 52 does not limit euthanasia to terminally ill people. The bill states that a person must be at the end of life but the bill doesn't define "end of life" and it allows euthanasia for psychological suffering, which cannot be defined.

• Bill 52 targets people with disabilities. The bill states that a person must be in “an advanced and irreversible decline of function.” Many people with disabilities fit this criteria. Since the bill does not define "end of life" euthanasia will be easily extended to people with disabilities.

Children will gain access to euthanasia. Bill 52 limits euthanasia to adults, but since the Quebec government has defined euthanasia as part of "Health care" therefore the courts will soon extend euthanasia to children based on the equality and human rights of children.

Choice is illusory. It is impossible to ensure that a person is not under pressure, directly or indirectly. It is common for a dependent person to not want to be a burden to their family.

Bill 52 cannot be controlled. Bill 52 requires a doctor notify the Commission on end of life care within 10 days of lethally injecting a person. Doctors in other jurisdictions who abuse the euthanasia law do not report their own abuse. A 2010 Netherlands study found that 23% of all assisted deaths were not reported and a recent study from Belgium found that doctors do not report assisted deaths that are done outside of the law.

• Euthanasia is a form of homicide (murder) in the federal Criminal Code.

• Bill 52 defines killing by euthanasia as a part of "health care".

• Bill 52 defines “medical aid in dying” (euthanasia) as a part of end-of-life care.

• Bill 52 creates a right to end-of-life care. Since euthanasia is defined as part of end-of-life care, the bill therefore creates a right to euthanasia.

• Bill 52 affects every Canadian by allowing euthanasia tourism. A recent article quotes Yves Bolduc, the former Québec Liberal health minister: 
We are certainly going to have people from other provinces who will come here, who will stay for a certain time — more than three months — precisely to have medical aid in dying.
Québec’s Bill 52 needs to be stopped.

Hon Peter MacKay
Write to the Hon. Peter MacKay, the Justice Minister and Attorney General of Canada, and urge him, that if Bill 52 passes, to bring an injunction against Bill 52 by taking legal action and by asking the court to strike down Bill 52 as unconstitutional. Letters are better than email.

Urge the Hon. Peter MacKay to equally protect every Canadian from euthanasia by writing to: 284 Wellington St., Ottawa, ON, K1A 0H8 or email:

Also state that you oppose Bill 52 by contacting: 
Bertrand St-Arnaud, Québec’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General at: and Dr Réjean Hébert, Québec’s Minister of Health and Social Services at:

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Edward Leblanc. said...

oh my .Quebec government think they are God. The Quebec government are becoming corrupt. very sad to murder someone who is ill. the almighty dollar is evil. Shame on you Quebec.