Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Jersey Governor Christie opposes assisted suicide.

By Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stated during a press conference that he is opposed to the assisted suicide bill that is being debated in New Jersey.

Assemblyman Burzichelli's assisted suicide bill, known as the New Jersey Death with Dignity Act, would give doctors the right to intentionally prescribe a lethal dose of a barbituate, for the purpose of suicide. The New Jersey assisted suicide bill is similar to the Oregon assisted suicide Act.

In Oregon, depressed people have died by assisted suicide, and patients, who were denied medical treatment, were steered to assisted suicide by the state health plan

Jeanette Hall
Oregon resident Jeanette Hall, who was terminally ill and wanted assisted suicide, is alive today because her doctor convinced her to try medical treatment. Hall stated in a recent interview that:
If my doctor had believed in assisted suicide, I would be dead. I thank him and all my doctors for helping me choose “life with dignity.” 
Assisted suicide should not be legal. 
Christie's opposition to state sanctioned suicide will hopefully cause a natural death for Burzichelli's New Jersey assisted suicide bill.

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