Monday, May 13, 2013

Vermont House passes the worst assisted suicide bill ever.

This evening (May 13, 2013)  the Vermont House of Representatives passed the worst assisted suicide bill ever by a vote of 75 to 65 making it the third US state to legalize assisted suicide.

Bill S-77 is expected to be signed into law by Governor Peter Shumlim, a long-time assisted suicide campaigner.

Bill S-77 started out as an "Oregon Style" assisted suicide bill with the typical false safeguards. S-77 experienced a bumpy road in the Vermont Senate and was amended, making it a very confusing bill.

The original version of S-77 was then introduced into the Vermont House where it passed.

Since there were two versions of S-77, the original version went back to the Senate where, once again, it experienced a bumpy road. A compromise was then struck creating the current version of S-77, which is the worst assisted suicide bill ever. The compromise bill passed by a vote of 17 to 13.

Thank you to all of the caring people who worked hard to protect Vermont citizens from assisted suicide.

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