Friday, February 10, 2012

Mobile Euthanasia Units are planning to kill 1000 people per year in the Netherlands.

The Telegraph paper - UK published an article today that confirms that the Netherlands euthanasia lobby (NVVE) will begin sending out the mobile euthanasia units in March. The article also estimates that the six mobile euthanasia vehicles will lead to 1000 more euthanasia deaths in the Netherlands per year.

The article in the Telegraph stated:
The Right to Die Association in the Netherlands said the unit would be the first of six to handle borderline cases in which family doctors decline to help.

It is thought it will deal with those with mental illnesses or early dementia.
But according to the Federation of Dutch Physicians, some patients who could be treated might end their lives unnecessarily.
The fact is that people with disabilities, or mental illness, or people living with dementia are, at times, being refused for euthanasia because their doctor is convinced that something can be done to allow them to live with dignity and not die with dignity. The NVVE will now save these people from life.

Remember, even though in some ways euthanasia is - out of control - in the Netherlands, the one safeguard for vulnerable people is that two doctors must agree to cause the death. When a doctor refuses to euthanize a person, a "good son or daughter" will simply contact the NVVE who will rush over and take care of it.

Lets consider some facts about the euthanasia experiment in the Netherlands:
1. The number of euthanasia deaths increased by 19% in 2010 to 3136 euthanasia deaths.
2. The most recent five year update from the Netherlands stated that 80.2% of all euthanasia deaths are reported and there are approximately 550 deaths without request or consent per year in the Netherlands.
3. The NVVE is pushing the government to permit euthanasia for people who are "tired of living." Basically people who are 70 years old could die by euthanasia for any or no reason.
4. Psychiatrists in the Netherlands are permitted to euthanasia a patient with mental illness who is not otherwise dying.
5. The Groningen Protocol continues to be followed for the euthanasia of infants born with disabilities.

It brings me very little comfort that Dr. Rob Jonquière, the Communications Director for the World Federation of Right to Die Societies and former leader of the NVVE stated to the Huffington Post:
"However, the doctors will have to comply with the same ‘due care criteria’ as ‘regular’ doctors,"

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