Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Writing a blog on a contentious issue will naturally get responses from people who agree and disagree with the blog comment. I have never had a problem with disagreements with my comments, but I have been faced with the dilemma of whether or not to print comments from people named Anonymous, who make defamatory statements while opposing my position.

During the baby Joseph case, there were several terribly destructive attacks by a person/people named Anonymous against the Maraachli family, myself and another supporter of the Maraachli family and I chose not to print those comments.

Recently Anonymous has showed up again to attack myself and my comments on another issue.

I wonder why Anonymous is wonders why I haven't printed the comments?

First: Anonymous wishes to attack myself and others while remaining Anonymous.
Second: I cannot respond to Anonymous because I do not have a contact for Anonymous.
Third: I will not print attacks of myself or others or defamatory statements against certain religious or personal beliefs whether you are Anonymous or not. I do not believe in discrimination and I do not believe in promoting hatred against certain religious groups.
Fourth: I don't attack other peoples religious beliefs and I do not appreciate Anonymous thinking that I am some religious robot who simply spouts out comments without thought or reason. People who attack others do not deserve to be printed because they refuse to take on the actual issue. Maybe it is because the position that Anonymous has cannot be effectively defended so Anonymous chooses to attack the writer instead.

My editorial position is simple. From now on, I will not print responses from Anonymous and I will not print responses from a person who is attacking me, other people, religion or personal beliefs. Public statements and debate are fair game.

You have every right to oppose my position, but you must state who you are and argue your position without hatred or attacks.


John C MacAlister said...

Cowards like to hide behind the 'anonymous' label when making ad hominem attacks.

JPauline marshall said...

They are trying to get attention and will do it in any way or form [negative} , you are showing and doing the right and honorable approach,it's called Ignore! - from a face book fan {Mrs} J Pauline Marshall

Patrick O'Connor said...

If someone doesn't have the courage to leave their name, they cannot expect to see their comment posted. I wouldn't. Keep up the good work, Alex.

Jean Echlin said...

Alex, You are an amazing defender and protector of our dignity and rights under The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I applaud your efforts and have been honoured to work with you over several years. Anonymous should have a better grip on what EPC stands for and has accomplished with your leadership. Sadly those who are the most critical of "goodness" in others are often the most fearful of exposure. Jean Echlin

Anonymous said... don't want honest debate, so why show a name.

Below is a facebook post (not mine)...please explain what happened??

"I feel really bad for Alex. Can you imagine how he must feel after helping this family so very much only to be accused of stealing??? Going out of his way to visit and post nice things about this toddler only to be ignored by the parents. Everybody else that visits moe makes a big deal about with posts and pictures......and yet he ignores Alexs posts! How very rude, ungratefull and just plain mean! Let no good deed go unpunished eh!"

Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear Anonymous:

I don't do things for the acclaim but because the cause is just and there is a need to intervene or support a person.