Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mandatory Euthanasia by age 80

A TV show in Australia segment called the Pitch has fallen into the clutch of the euthanasia lobby by producing a show whereby two advertising producers create the most persuasive commercial to approve mandatory euthanasia for people at age 80.

Link to the show on U-Tube:

The technique of asking an extreme question enables the Euthanasia lobby to appear moderate when they once again push to legalize euthanasia or assisted suicide in Australia.

Exit International, the group that was founded by Philip Nitschke, is featuring Kevin Macmillan who produced the winning ad for the Australian reality show segment - The Pitch. There promotion stated:

Compulsory Euthanasia for over 80s?

Kevin Macmillan from 'The Works' Ad Agency to Address Sydney Exit Meeting on his winning television ad

At the next Sydney Chapter Meeting of Exit, Kevin Macmillan (Partner of 'The Works' & the smarts behind the winning 'Pitch') will speak to his 'Compulsory Euthanasia for the over 80s' segment as recently screened on ABC TV's The Gruen Transfer.

This event is free for all Exit members. Others may join Exit on the day. August 6, 2010 at 10 am.


Anonymous said...

who said there is no such thing as a slippery slope. The thought is father to the deed.

Anonymous said...

So we should kill all people at 80 because some people might not take time to honor and relate to their elders because they don't know exactly how long they will still live for?

Aaron Zacharias said...

Good luck strapping me to the gurney!