Thursday, February 4, 2010

German doctor's fatal drug overdose killed British patient

By Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The euthanasia lobby wants to assure the public that if euthanasia or assisted suicide is legalized that there won't be any deaths without consent or any abuse. They say this while they ignore the fact that the Netherlands government study in 2005 showed that 550 deaths without explicit consent occurred that year, which was down from 950 deaths without explicit consent in 2000.

Meanwhile, the story of David Gray, 70 from Cambridgeshire, who died in February 2008 of a lethal overdose of the painkiller diamorphine allegedly by a German doctor, Dr Daniel Ubani isn't raising eyebrows amongst the euthanasia lobby crowd.

The question of how the UK uses outside physicians is a concern, but the greater concern should be around the reality that a doctor directly and intentionally caused the death of David Gray and he was only given a nine month suspended sentence for causing a death by negligence.

The article stated:
Ubani, who has blamed exhaustion for his error and acknowledged he was unfamiliar with the drug, was given a nine-month suspended sentence for causing death by negligence by a German court but cannot face prosecution in Britain.
If euthanasia or assisted suicide were legal, they would not have even given Dr. Ubani a suspended sentence because the question would have been: Did Gray request this type of death or not?

David Gray's son, Stuart was quoted as saying:
"This inquest has allowed us the opportunity to have the circumstances surrounding my father's death to be examined in some detail and thus afforded us some consolation, in particular because Dr Ubani has escaped U.K. justice,"
I wonder how the euthanasia lobby has the gall to suggest that if euthanasia or assisted suicide were legal that no-one will be killed by accident or against their consent. The fact is that people already die by accident and if you give them the defense that a euthanasia or assisted suicide law would provide them, then you will never get a conviction.

Just consider the facts related the American physician Dr Michael Swango who killed and then killed again while the medical establishment covered it up to protect themselves from lawsuit or embarassment.

At least in this case the coroner was willing to have an inquest.

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