Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Where do the Canada's political party leaders stand on MAiD?

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

On September 11, a Québec Superior court struck down the provision in Canada's euthanasia (MAiD) law requiring that a person be terminally ill to be approved for death by lethal injection. The court decided that requiring that a person's "natural death must be reasonably foreseeable" was unconstitutional.

During the french language debate on TVA, between political party leaders Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Lib), Andrew Scheer (CPC), Jagmeet Singh (NDP) and Yves-François Blanchet (BQ), Trudeau stated that he would not appeal the Québec Truchon court decision that struck down the "terminal illness" requirement. Trudeau also said that he would craft a more permissive MAiD regime in the 6 months period ordered by the Court.

Other than Andrew Scheer, 
the other party leaders supported a more permissive euthanasia (MAiD) regime. Scheer said that he would appeal the decision and revise the MAiD regime. 

Maxime Bernier (PPC) and Elizabeth May did not participate in that debate.

Elizabeth May is on record as supporting MAiD while Bernier supports MAiD but he supports requiring a psychological evaluation before approval.

The recent euthanasia death of Alan Nichols, a physically healthy man who was living with chronic depression, has led one family to ask how could their brother have died by euthanasia? Clearly the law is not protecting depressed people with questionable mental competency.

The language of the Quebec court decision expands euthanasia to people with psychiatric issues alone

In March I published an article showing that, as of December 31, 2018, there had been 7949 assisted deaths in Canada, since legalization. There were 2704 reported assisted deaths in 2017 and 4235 reported assisted deaths in 2018.


Janice said...

Watching last night's debate (October 10), I was disgusted with the position held by all candidates and their parties.
None of the parties are prepared to protect people who are vulnerable to potential and proven abuse of these laws.
At least the Conservative Party is prepared to do something, not much, but something.

We are in serious trouble.

Requiemest Aeterna said...

I wonder if we are heading for armed conflicts to protect the most vulnerable? Or do vulnerable avoid any doctor/facility that promotes Euthanasia?

The irony is that racists object to immigration. However, a province like Quebec may get to a situation where first language French speakers are in a minority.
Quebec is killing its people from pre-cradle to the grave.

Quebec is the poster province for bloody-minded people. Satan and other demons must be dancing with glee in its major cities.

Peter said...

It is too bad that Andrew Scheer has taken the position that he will work to reverse decisions about euthanasia but not against abortion! He will work to save people who are nearing the ends of their lives but not those who have not even been given a chance to live their lives yet.

Marc said...

Don't forget the Christian Heritage Party ( - 51 candidates across the country, all committed to defending life from conception to natural death.

Robert said...

Abortion and Assisted suicide are murders. There is no other way to describe the taking of a life.
Every person conceived is born for a reason. We may never know what our, or their, reason is for being put on this earth, but each one is created to have some effect on this world.
If we allow governments to continue to legalize ways for us to kill unwanted or defenseless citizens, we will end up in a truly wanton, uncaring, society. It will not stop at this point in time. The sanctity and miracle of life are being downloaded to something to be disposed of at will.
I believe that polititons are supporting it to get votes from a segment of society that finds this type of murder a convenience.

Anonymous said...

A society that puts to death it's most vulnerable people...under whatever guise (babes in the womb, the sick and elderly, the depressed or mentally unstable etc) a society that demands that God be banned from the public square, that penalizes those who want to support a nation under God...that society is in decline and will inevitably reap what it sows.
Nora Patterson

granny Jan said...

I worked for 20 years with special needs high school students, I heard so many stories about their births from the mothers, doctors saying..will be nothing but a blob.then the child goes on to do talks at UBC about his specialized communication devices. Most of them were deemed never to be able to communicate, yet excelled in academics on the right devices. There is still a conscious brain in there and they fully understand. If a doctor had judged them at birth, would they have been euthanized. No matter how contorted their joints were, they were not in agony or pain and actually quite happy with the other teenagers. They were not in imminent danger of death. What would a doctor have declared on these living, growing, thriving crippled babies.

Janice said...

Didn't Andrew Scheer say, though, that he would 'modify' the MAiD laws? I can't remember, but I think he did say that at the debate.

Laurie Eberhardt said...

Andrew Scheer is the leader of the CPC party. The party policy is that a CPC government will not reopen the debate. These policies are vote on at policy conventions. If you want it changed you must get involved at your local riding association and become a delegate to the next policy convention.