Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Netherlands euthanasia clinic data

Dr Mark Komrad shared the following information about the Levenseindekliniek (euthanasia clinic) in the Netherlands. It is important to note that most of the euthanasia deaths for psychiatric reasons are done at the euthanasia clinic. There are also euthanasia clinics in Belgium and Canada.

1. The Levenseindekliniek is located in the Hague. They have 55-60 physician teams who travel the country doing euthanasia—in patients’ homes.

2. The Levenseindekliniek was a private initiative by the euthanasia lobby. Theo Boer, a past member of a regional euthanasia review committee noted that “Establishing of the End of Life Clinics came fully out of the blue [originally predicted to “no longer be needed by 2018"] and has now become a necessity."

3. The doctor is ALWAYS new to the patient. These physicians are not part of a patient’s established treatment team for their condition.

4. Circumventing the treating doctors by consulting a Levenseindekliniek doctor for euthanasia evaluation (and possibly completion) is a typical scenario.

5. Approximately 750 people were euthanized at the Levenseindekliniek in 2017.

6. 77% of all psychiatric euthanasias in the Netherlands occurred via the Levenseindekiniek network in 2016. This is the predominant approach to euthanizing psychiatric patients in The Netherlands. There were 6585 reported euthanasia deaths in the Netherlands in 2017 with 11.4% of these deaths done through this peripatetic euthanasia service. Most of the euthanasia deaths are done by family physicians who are treating the patient, according to the Royal Dutch Medical Association.

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