Thursday, September 20, 2018

Australia man accused of assisting his wife's suicide for her Life Insurance says that his wife wanted to die.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Jennifer Morant.
Three days ago I reported that Graham Robert Morant was charged with assisting the suicide of his wife, Jennifer Morant, in Australia, to receive 1.4 million dollars in Life Insurance.

Two days ago, I reported that Morant told the court that he was innocent.
Yesterday, Jennifer Morant's best friend said that she didn't want to die, but she expressed that her only hope was to win the lottery.
Today Morant told the court that his wife wanted to die by suicide, and yet her doctor stated that she never said to him that she wanted to die.

An article written by Warren Barnsley for the Sydney Morning Herald explains:
Mr Morant told police Jennifer did not want to continue suffering chronic back pain and had attempted to kill herself three times previous.
"I had such a zest and zeal to live. She had such a zest and zeal to die," Mr Morant told police in an interview played in Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday. 
He said he tried to talk her out of it but became desensitised to her attempts. 
"That's horrendous, but she that's just what she wanted to do. 
"She actually forbid me from stopping her taking her life." 
Mr Morant also lamented Jennifer's extravagant spending, saying she had a "gift for spending money".
The article then reports on the statements by her doctor. The article stated:
But while she had been treated for back, weight, thyroid, blood pressure, dental and mental health issues, her doctor Mariusz Zielinski told the court she suffered no terminal illness. 
Dr Zielinski said she had never made a comment to him about wanting to end her life.
The trial continues.

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