Monday, March 26, 2018

Alex Schadenberg comments on suicide activist, Philip Nitschke.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

A CTV News report by Avis Favaro explores the controversial assisted suicide activist, Philip Nitschke. Favaro interviewed Nitschke during his recent tour promoting suicide techniques and information. Nitschke sells suicide information and devices world-wide. Nitschke told Favaro:

"...Many of us, including myself, think death and dying is a right," he told the small crowd who gathered to hear him. 
Nitschke's controversial campaign has already played a role in ending at least one life in Canada: Adam Maier-Clayton. 
The 26-year-old suffered from intractable depression, anxiety and a condition called somatic symptom disorder, and campaigned for medically assisted death for those with mental illness. He couldn't obtain assistance in dying because his condition wasn't considered a terminal disease.
Favaro also interviewed me. Even though I had much to say in our half hour interview, Favaro reported:
But some watching Nitschke's crusade are alarmed, including euthanasia prevention advocate Alex Schadenberg. 
"The reality is that Phil is a very dangerous man," he says.
Schadenberg says Nitschke is really just a businessman preying on vulnerable people. 
"…He is providing information and selling it online; he is funding his whole campaign with that, and people are dying."
Nitschke is an incredibly dangerous man who makes money from selling suicide advice and devices.

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