Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dutch doctors group rejects separate rules concerning euthanasia for "completed life."

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Last October we reported that the Dutch government were planning to expand their euthanasia law to include people who are not physically or psychologically suffering but who believe that their "life is complete."

The DutchNews.NL reported that the Dutch doctors association (KNMG) was not in favour of developing a section of the euthanasia law to prescribe lethal drugs for "completed life." The DutchNews.NL reported:
Last October, health minister Edith Schippers and justice minister Ard van de Steur said in a briefing to MPs that ‘elderly’ people with a consistent and well-considered wish to die – whether ill or not – should be able to take a drug to end their lives. 
The practice would not be considered euthanasia, in which the patient is said to be suffering unbearably, and in which doctors have an active role, and family members would not be allowed to administer the drug.
The KNMG stated that expanding the euthanasia law for reasons of a "completed life" would undermine the current euthanasia law. The DutchNews.NL stated:
However, separate legislation for people with ‘no medical grounds’ for the wish to die could have an undesirable social effect, by stigmatising the elderly, the KNMG said. Instead, the government should invest in measures to make sure the elderly do not feel their lives are pointless. 
The expansion of euthanasia rules are likely to become part of the current coalition government talks. D66 is the driving force behind the changes and the VVD have said they will support them. However, the Christian Democrats, who do not back change, are set to have a key role in the new government.
Once killing becomes an acceptable solution to social problems, the only remaining question is what problems will killing become a solution for?

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gadfly said...

If you read Humphrey's new polemic/biography, you will find that one of Hemlock (Compassion and Choices [sic]) aims is to promote death for those 'tired of life'...