Thursday, February 2, 2017

Mary Kills People Promotes Euthanasia.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

The local radio station, that I listen to, is playing a commercial for Mary Kills People, a six part drama on Global Television in Canada.

People have contacted me wondering what to do about Mary Kills People. We are disgusted by media outlets who insist on promoting euthanasia and assisted suicide without having the honesty and professionalism to equally promote programs that offers an alternative point of view. 

I have personally not wasted my time watching Mary Kills People. I would first urge you to boycott the show. If you have watched the show email your assessment of Mary Kills People to:

I urge all of our supporters to contact the CRTC and demand equal programming. 

Global needs to do a series on people with disabilities who live fulfilling lives, or people with a terminal illness who through effective symptom management and social supports live a fulfilling life until their death, or people who had a terminal illness who survived? We need real stories that provide hope, we need stories that promote caring not killing.

Programs that portray euthanasia as heroic, caring and maybe even daring, are promoting euthanasia. These programs don't show us the real life circumstances of a person who is lonely and afraid of suffering, and feel that they have no real alternative, these programs portray euthanasia as an act done by strong independent people. People we should emulate.

Social change is accomplished through drama that changes our ideas of what constitutes reality, what is a good death, what is murder and what is mercy.

I am also concerned about the contagion effect connected to programs that promote killing

This is not the first time Global has aired a program promoting euthanasia. In 2012 Global aired: Taking Mercy, a program that promoted eugenic euthanasia featuring: Robert Latimer, who killed his daughter with cerebral palsy, Annette Corriveau, who had two disabled adult children who she wanted euthanized and pro-euthanasia "ethicist" Arthur Schaefer. At that time, the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and the Council of Canadians with Disabilities responded with strong opposition to portraying the lives of people with significant disabilities as - life unworthy of life.

Recently Liz Carr, a famous British actress who is also a leader of the disability rights group Not Dead Yet UK, produced a successful musical opposing assisted suicide called: Assisted Suicide: The Musical (Comments by Paul Russell). Carr, who is an incredible comedian, proves that opposing assisted suicide can also be entertaining.

You can respond to the propaganda by screening the Euthanasia Deception documentary in your community and by donating to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition production costs for our next video that is now being produced under the working title - Fatal Flaws.


Sharon said...

Thanks for you great ideas and recommendation for action Alex.

susan said...

You are so right about "Mary Kills People"! the fact that Global and the CBC advertise this disgusting show promoting a woman wanting and willing to commit murder all in the name of "Mercy" shows how degraded Canadian society has become. It is a show that is evil and like many others today is "Satanic in Nature", promoting killing rather than healing and kindness to the sick and elderly. It is absolutely scary to have to go into a hospital or old folks home today, never knowing if someone like "Mary" will take it upon themselves to "end our suffering" prematurely.

Richard said...

Susan ,you are so right. I have a 95 year old mother and a wife with dementia. They are both at risk for some medical person to end their lives prematurely . I have to watch every move the doctors make now . God help us .

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