Monday, February 13, 2017

Canadian doctors are struggling with euthanasia.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Jeff Blackmer, the former ethicist and current Vice President for medical professionalism with the Canadian Medical Association told Ryan Turnitty from Metro news that Canadian doctors are struggling with participating in "assisted dying" procedures.
doctors have been telling his group that they struggle with taking part in assisted-death procedures. 
He said physicians who have agreed to help a patient they knew well may find it difficult to help subsequent patients. 
“They will say, it was just too difficult and too traumatizing physiologically and it is not something I will go through again,” he said. “They really struggle with it, and for some of those that is the only one they will do.”

Blackmer said some of Canada's physicians are entirely ruling out providing end-of-life assistance to future patients. 
“In some provinces where they have a list of providers where they may be willing to participate, I know from speaking to colleagues that some of those lists are getting shorter.”
Note: When Blackmer says end-of-life assistance, he actually means lethal injection. 

Blackmer says he has not received reports of doctors being pressured to do euthanasia.

The reality is that killing another human being, even by request, is innately wrong and dangerous. People should be concerned about doctors who do not have a problem with killing their patients.


Unknown said...

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David Falk

Florian Matsalla MD said...

Assisted dying by lethal injection is a misnomer. It is killing a human person no different than the crematoriums of the NAZIS. Pray for the doctors that are being forced to do harm to their patients. Medical care will never be the same.