Friday, November 11, 2016

Disability rights group, ADAPT, urges President-Elect Trump to - Protect our lives from assisted suicide.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

The disability rights group, ADAPT, sent an open letter to President-Elect Trump soon after his election victory urging him, on behalf of the disability community, to Protect our freedom and liberty, to Protect our lives, to Assure access to vital healthcare services, to Protect the rights of Americans with disabilities, and to Stop the torture of disabled Americans.

Under the heading - Protect our lives, ADAPT stated their clear opposition to assisted suicide and called on President-Elect Trump to act. Adapt stated:

At present, there are efforts to legalize physician assisted suicide. The Disability Community is strongly opposed to this policy change which will open the door for people with disabilities to have their lives ended by mistake, coercion, or abuse. We are glad to have found strong allies in the Republicans who oppose assisted suicide, and for the inclusion of that opposition in the 2016 Republican Party Platform. We are counting on you as President to refuse to sign any legislation making assisted suicide legal, to refuse to appoint to the Supreme Court Justices who support legalizing assisted suicide, and to ensure that our nation’s commitment to suicide prevention includes old, ill and disabled people.
The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition urges President-elect Trump to ensure that every American has access to vital healthcare services and that every American is protected from assisted suicide.

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Richard said...

Our Canada is far ahead of the US in creating the culture of death . Abortion is allowed right up till full delivery of the child . Euthanasia is now alive and well and threatening everyone. Comprehensive sexual education which perverts the young is forced on children where women premiers are in power. The males will follow since they fear the feminists.
We have had the gay destruction of marriage for 10 years or so.
What Trudeau senior started ,Trudeau junior keeps promoting. The US has a long way to go to match us. I hope our Canadian march of death will be stopped in our next election.