Thursday, September 8, 2016

Don't Euthanize Me.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Christine Nagel
(Link to the Global News report on this story.)

A few days ago I received an email from a doctor who sent us a letter from a patient. The email contained a letter this attached picture. The letter said (edited for length):
For years, I warned my children to steer clear of tattoo parlors, and now at 81 years old, I have had to resort to one myself. Bill C-14 makes it legal for us to play God and to make decisions over life and death ourselves. Assisted suicide is promoted as the most dignified way to treat an aging population-humanely, painlessly and without the need for suffering. Financially, it will become the salvation to our overburdened health care systems. 
Our Government and Supreme Court do not of course mention anything about money, but they do warn us that within a few years, seniors will outnumber the rest of the population and will need an army of caregivers to cope with them. That will be costly. Inevitably, euthanasia will become a more "socially acceptable" way to solve this problem than for example Hitler's "Final Solution". 
... So to understand this message clearly, read my shoulder! 
Christine Nagel 
If you don't like tattoo's, the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition will send you a free wallet size - Do Not Kill Me card. Contact EPC (link) and we will send it out.

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Daniel Largy said...

C-14 the Federal Bill legalize Euthanasia in Canada will mean death for many vulnerable people, especially those in Nursing Homes, and those not having access to high - quality palliative care. In August of this year the Ontario government announced that on January 1, 2017 it will stop covering the cost of certain high-dose pain killing drugs. Will doing this drive these people to state sanctioned death, because of the lack of proper pain and symptom management? The reason for the Ontario doing this is it is part of their strategy to address the growing problem of addiction to painkillers.In Ontario there are already barriers to
receiving high-quality pain management, such as the Palliative Care Facilitated Assess (PCFA) program, which requires updating and alterations, to return to it,s intended purpose. The reason for the increase in the problems to legally prescribed pain killing and management drugs is mostly due to clandestinely produced supplies, coming from China and Mexico. The Drug Enforcement Agency in the U.S. has stated this fact. Another reason for the Federal Government legalizing Euthanasia is reduce the rapidly increasing health care costs for seniors.
Sincerely yours,
Daniel Largy