Monday, July 4, 2016

Quebec Health Minister orders palliative care doctors to Kill

This article was written by Wesley Smith and published on his blog on July 3, 2016

Wesley Smith
By Wesley J Smith

Palliative care is about ameliorating suffering and respecting the lives of each patient. It isn’t a synonym for assisted suicide or euthanasia. 

Or to put it another way, hospice and palliative care are about living. Euthanasia/assisted suicide are about killing. 

Indeed, when I interviewed the great medical humanitarian, Dame Cecily Saunders–founder of the modern hospice movement–she told me that assisted suicide was wholly incompatible with hospice because it denies the intrinsic equal dignity of every patient. 

Amen to that. But once the culture of death takes poisonous root, it poisons all it touches–and particularly targets hospice and palliative care, which are its mirror opposite. 

That’s why I am not surprised–infuriated, but not surprised–that Quebec’s Minister of Health is ordering palliative care docs in a hospital to kill legally qualified patients who ask for euthanasia. From the Global News story
Health minister Gaétan Barrette is taking the MUHC to task for denying doctor-assisted death to patients in palliative care. 
Barrette said he recently learned the hospital requires patients to transfer out of the palliative care department in order to follow through with doctor-assisted dying procedures. 
They are also required to have been patients for at least 18 months prior to the move. Barette called this practice “totally illegal” because a hospital cannot decide which departments will or will not offer medical aid to die. 
Canada is no longer a free country. Forcing people in the medical professions to commit homicide is tyranny, pure and simple! 

I hope the policy tells him to stick it in his ear in a policy of total noncooperation. 

If the Health Minister is so keen on seeing patients killed, let him give the lethal jab. Euthanasia, after all, isn’t really medicine.


Chicks said...

Let him be the first to do away with his mother because she may have altzheimers or his wife because she needs hospice care or his daughter or his grandchild. Go on force your doctor to give them the injection. What about you - will your wife order the injection for you because you can no longer speak!!! You have become a country of cruelty - abortion, euthanasia and murder is the "new" love weapon in the hands of Canadian politicians.
Who are you kidding mr minister other than yourselves ; giving lip service to your fellow citizens whilst a core group of medical death equipment suppliers become wealthy! Shame on you. You will answer before God for your actions and possibly sooner than you might think!!!

Liza said...

Life is from conception to its' NATURAL END. No doctor should be put in the position of having to KILL his patient. He took the Hypocratic Oath to save lives not to destroy them. Wherein that Oath does it say that he/she should KILL their patient. THAT she is MURDER.

Rákó said...

I agree with the minister, provided he is the patient who should get the killing jab‼