Monday, July 11, 2016

Cognitively disabled French man threatened with death by dehydration.

Alex Schadenberg
International Chair - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Vincent Lambert with his mother.
The Vincent Lambert case in Reims France may be changing direction after the court appointed Vincent's wife, Rachel Lambert, as his primary guardian.

Vincent Lambert became cognitively disabled in a motorcycle accident injury in 2008. His wife unsuccessfully petitioned the court to have all treatment and care ceased including food and water. Lambert's parents want their son transferred to a rehabilitation center.

Alliance Vita expressed concern in their July 8 press release:
It should be noted that one of the major issues involved in this decision is not only for continuing or discontinuing artificial nutrition and hydration, allowing Vincent Lambert to continue living despite his heavy dependency and his poorly-relating state, it is now also a question of which Medical Center will care for him. Vincent’s parents have requested for him to be admitted to a center specialized for patients in “poorly-relating and neuro-vegetative states”. This would allow Vincent to benefit from physical therapy, occupational therapy and have outdoor access for fresh air that he has been deprived of for years.
To intentionally withdraw fluids from a person who is not otherwise dying is a form of euthanasia by omission because the person directly and intentionally dies from dehydration and not from a medical condition.

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Euthanasia is murder. Period end of story. Outrageous.