Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nitschke's website linked to UK suicide death.

By Alex Schadenberg
International Chair - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

In the investigation into the suicide death of Gillian Clarke, the Telegraph Argus news reported that a coroner in Bradford (UK) warned that internet sites that provide suicide advice should be named to allow scrutiny.

In his inquiry, Dr Dominic Bell, the assistant coroner, named Philip Nitschke's organization and book as influencing Clarke to commit suicide. Bell stated that:
"There are potential vulnerable people out there who may well be informed or manipulated by exit organisations and it's only by making this public record that attention can be drawn to such circumstances. It is important that some scrutiny is given to these organisations to limit the adverse possibilities on vulnerable individuals."
Nitschke has just been informed that he is losing his medical license in Australia. 

The article in the Telegraph Argus reported that:
Miss Clarke's death was suicide and that it had been clear from evidence from doctors she had been incredibly troubled by a series of medical disorders, for which there had been no one specific diagnosis or treatment that could restore her well-being. 
Miss Clarke, who had a previous history of depression, had been suffering stomach problems, weakness in her legs, appetite and weight loss yet all medical tests had come back normal - however, she was due to go back to hospital for more investigations because she had grown so thin.
Internet related suicide deaths have sadly become common. Society needs to protect vulnerable people by identifying and monitoring internet suicide sites.

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