Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nitschke heads a suicide cult that must be stopped.

By Paul Russell, the director of Hope Australia (Link to the original article).

Paul Russell
Following The Australian's news story about another young life lost that was related to Philip Nitschke and Exit, senior journalist, Angela Shanahan says that Nitschke and Exit must be stopped.

Shanahan opens:
Philip Nitschke, contrary to his claims as an advocate of euthanasia for the terminally ill, is the chief mover of something resembling a suicide cult. 
The case histories of Lucas Taylor, 26, and Joe Waterman, 25, who committed suicide after being in contact with Nitschke’s group, Exit, leave little doubt of that. 
Lucas Taylor was the subject of the other article in today's paper while Joe Waterman's story was covered earlier in the ABCs 7:30 Report that created the original furore leading to the medical board suspending Nitschke's practicing licence today.
Covering the information Judi Taylor found on her son's computer after his death the story adds:
His heartbroken mother realised that her son was not the only young person on this site. Nor was anyone on the site interested in the motivation for his thoughts of suicide, nor in helping Lucas to overcome his feelings. 
“They were only interested in the ‘endgame’,” she said, including detailed advice about where and when and how to go about it.
Again, this destroys any pretence that Nitschke and Exit are only involved in advising sick and dying people about how to commit suicide. This is a macabre and clandestine death industry. 

Hope joins with Angela Shanahan in calling for this organisation to be stopped and is joined now in our call for a National Inquiry into Exit and other euthanasia organisations by the mothers of both of the young men mentioned in this article.

Shanahan closes her article by saying: 
Nitschke’s claim of political persecution is risible. He and his organisation must be stopped.
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Winston said...

To hell with palliative "care." I'd rather eat a bullet. Give me Zyklon ZZZ any day!

Alex Schadenberg said...

You are a very uncompassionate and scary person Winston.


Winston said...

At least Zyklon B doesn't take 6 months to end your life, Alex.

Alex Schadenberg said...

Many Jewish people and others died in Nazi death camps.

It is unfathomable that you would be advocating killing people with Zyklon B.

Winston said...

If I had the choice, I'd pick Zyklon B over hospice "care." It's much faster.

Alex Schadenberg said...

You have serious problems Winston. The Nazi doctors went to jail for what they did. You are advocating for the same.

The other issue is that choice is simply a flag that you people wave to make it seem OK.

You can't justify killing based on choice and you can't assure choice when your killing.

Winston said...

You missed my point, Alex. Cancer and full-blown AIDS can take years or decades to kill people.

Zyklon B only takes a few minutes. That's why it's the lesser of two evils.