Thursday, February 13, 2014

Québec's euthanasia bill is unconstitutional, imprecise and lethal.

Media Release: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Québec’s Bill 52 will likely go to a vote in the Québec national assembly in February. The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and its Québec counterparts would like you to know: 
• Bill 52 gives Québec doctors the right to lethally inject their patients when they are physically or psychological suffering. 
• Bill 52 does not limit euthanasia to terminally ill people. The bill states that a person must be “at the end of life” but the bill does not define end of life. Bill 52 allows euthanasia for psychological suffering, which cannot be defined. 
• Bill 52 targets people with disabilities. Bill 52 states that a person must be in “an advanced state of irreversible decline in capability.” Many people with disabilities fit these criteria. Since the bill does not define "end of life" euthanasia will be extended to people with disabilities.  
• Euthanasia is defined as homicide in the federal Criminal Code. Bill 52 defines killing by lethal injection as "health care" in order to avoid the Criminal Code prohibition from causing death. 
Sign the online petition: Québec's euthanasia Bill 52 is lethal.

Bill 52 is unconstitutional and needs to be challenged in the court.
Bill 52 is imprecise and open to abuse.
Bill 52 is lethal. 

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For more information contact:
Nic Steenhout (Montreal) Director General, Vivre dans la Dignité - Living with Dignity (438) 931-1233 –
Amy Hasbrouck (Montreal) Toujours Vivant - Not Dead Yet: (450) 921-3057 –
Hugh Scher (Toronto) EPC Legal Counsel: (416) 816-6115 –
Dr Will Johnston (Vancouver) EPC-BC Chair: (604) 220-2042 –
Alex Schadenberg (London) EPC Executive Director: (519) 851-1434 –

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