Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Your LIfe Counts: International Suicide Prevention Day

A Call to Action...
Your Life Counts Needs You!

World Suicide Day 10th September 2013

We are asking you, our supporters today to:

- visit the Help Save a Life page
- mobilize your family/friends social networks to support us in our goal
- give generously

Talking points that you can Tweet and post on Facebook:

- 3,600 Canadians die by suicide every year

- 40,000 die by suicide every year in United States

- 100 suicide deaths a day in North America

- for every suicide death there are an estimated 20 to 25 attempts

- 1 suicide is 1 too many

- 400,000 family members are devastated each year, this statistic does not include co-workers, school mates and friends

Please, don't walk on the other side of the road; we are asking for your help. Not everyone can walk the front lines, but your support will make a difference.

You can do something more to help right now.

Your donation of any amount to YLC will help rescue the vulnerable, helping us to help them find their reason to live. YLC has rescued hundreds of individuals from suicide since 2000, operating often on fumes. As in our name Your Life Counts, your dollar counts, every moment counts.

Your donation now will help YLC step forward, strengthening our capacity to rescue more lives.

YLC relies 100% on the donations received to continue helping those at risk or those affected by suicide 24/7. Find out ways you can help now here.

Below are some sample tweets and posts. Help yourself and come up with your own.

Thank you!

115 suicide deaths per day in North America is unacceptable; Help Save a Life; World
Suicide Prevention Day and @YourLifeCounts Donate Now: http://www.yourlifecounts.org/help-save-a-life  Pls RT

One suicide is too many. Help save a life: Donate Now
http://www.yourlifecounts.org/help-save-a-life Pls RT

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