Wednesday, September 11, 2013

If spoon feeding is no longer a right, I will be afraid for my life.

Alex Schadenberg
By Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Introduction: Today, I received an email from a person with disabilities concerning the spoon feeding case in British Columbia. This letter explains the problem with granting the family the right to withdraw spoon feeding from a person who is considered incompetent.   Alex Schadenberg

From the email: 

In regards to the spoon feeding case.

I find this to be quite terrifying. 

When I needed life saving care my "family" did not want me to receive it, my friend fought for me and I lived. When I was released from the hospital my "family" fought to have me put in a nursing home, once again my friend fought for me. For over a year she fought for me while caring for me 24/7 part of that care was spoon feeding. We had to leave our home and ended up sleeping on the streets and then a homeless shelter and then a motel until we found an accessible apartment.

If this family wins and spoon feeding is no longer a right, I am afraid, Alex I am afraid for my life.

My disability was caused by childhood abuse and I have spent over 10 years looking over my shoulder and fleeing from a family who keeps finding me. I live in fear, I live with a disability and I live with depression but I have survived, I have survived an unimaginable life when no one thought I would and now I am left wondering what for?

The push for assisted suicide and now the push to withhold spoon feeding has left me terrified and feeling hopeless. I cannot afford to flee my home again and I do not want to die because I cannot lift a spoon to my mouth.

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