Thursday, March 21, 2013

Compassion & Choices promotes appalling ad

Dear Senate Judiciary Members:

I am a probate attorney from Washington State where assisted suicide is, unfortunately, legal.
Suicide Kit

I recently saw an ad by "Compassion and Choices" which contained an over-the-top depiction of a doctor in handcuffs. This ad is appalling, even by the low standards of Compassion in Choices. (Compassion and Choices is a successor organization of the Hemlock Society, originally founded by Derek Humphry. In 2011, Humphry was keynote speaker and Compassion and Choices annual meeting here in Washington. He was also in the news as a promoter of mail-order suicide kits after a 29 year old man used one of the kits to commit suicide).*

HB 505 is needed to protect seniors and others from the ultimate in financial and physical abuse. I urge you to vote YES. Thank you.

For supporting authority and more information, go here: link.

Theresa Schrempp
Seattle, WA

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