Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Assisted suicide ballot Question 2 defeated in Massachusetts

Second Thoughts
The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) Congratulates the: Committee Against Physician Assisted Suicide, Second Thoughts and No on Question 2 for defeating the assisted suicide ballot Question 2 in Massachusetts. 

Thank you also to Margaret Dore, the founder of Choice is an Illusion.

Ballot Question 2 (assisted suicide) in Massachusetts was defeated by an incredible team of people with varying ideas and motivations.

John Kelly, from Second Thoughts was always focused, Rasky and Thomas Dwyer, Ann Fox, Tim Rosales and everyone who worked to defeat Question 2.

The success of this campaign was achieved through the many perspectives that were represented in opposition to assisted suicide (Question 2).

The defeat of Question 2 also proves how flawed the assisted suicide laws are in the states of Oregon and Washington. These are very flawed laws that are controlled by a "coterie of insiders." The Massachusetts vote is a sign of a turn-around on this issue.

The fact is that legalizing assisted suicide is not safe.

Thank you for protecting vulnerable people from assisted suicide.

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