Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Euthanasia deaths in the Netherlands increased by 19% in 2010.

Recent news articles concerning the push by the euthanasia lobby in the Netherlands to create mobile euthanasia teams to make euthanasia more accessible to people with disabilities and the frail elderly, also reported that the 2010 Dutch euthanasia statistics indicate that there were 3136 reported euthanasia cases which represents an increase of 19% since 2009.

It is important to note that the reported cases of euthanasia rose 13% in 2009.

The Dutch are very careful reporting their euthanasia statistics. here were 3136 reported euthanasia deaths, approximately 100 of those deaths wre assisted suicide deaths. The latest reports indicate approximately 500 deaths without consent. Approximately 10% of all deaths involve involve terminal sedation, that is done by intentionally dehydrating the person to death. We also know from the most recent Dutch euthanasia reports that approximately 20% of all euthanasia deaths are not reported.

It is important to note that the Dutch Medical Association has also recently approved euthanasia for people with dementia and alzheimer's and even for lonliness. So much for euthanasia requiring consent and capacity.

Recently the Royal Society of Canada released a report on - End of Life Decision Making. This report suggested that there was nothing to be concerned about in the jurisdictions where euthanasia is legal.

Too bad the Royal Society of Canada report was a one-sided sham that was written by leaders of the euthanasia lobby, whereby 5 of 6 of its "experts" were well known euthanasia advocates.

Euthanasia in the Netherlands is out-of-control.

Let's protect our citizens by keeping euthanasia illegal.


rob jonquière said...

Dear Alex,
So long as you keep repeating incomplete, biased quotes from good scientific articles to substantiate your "statements" that The Dutch practice is "out of control". So long you are unable to produce figures on the prevalence of life-terminating acts in Canada (the ones with [?] and the ones without request; the ones with opioids [what is the article saying about that? Did you read that?] and the ones with other medications) so long I will maintain my view on this issue "better to have a controlled legal possibility, than an illegal, not controlled one", and continue to react.

Anonymous said...

wrong, something like Euthanasia cannot be easily moderated or simply "controlled" as you put it. there are so many factors to take in account. as the report said, 20% of euthanasia deaths are unreported! and 500 without patient consent, how can you guarantee that the same thing will no happen here! furthermore you just expect a magical piece of legislation appear out of thin air!