Saturday, November 1, 2014

An open letter to Brittany Maynard from Maggie Karner

Maggie Karner, a Connecticut woman who has a glioblastoma brain tumor, has written a letter to Brittany Maynard expressing her hope that Brittany decides not to die by assisted suicide.

Since early October, Brittany Maynard, who also has a glioblastoma brain tumor, has captured the emotions of Americans while she considers dying by a lethal dose of assisted suicide drugs.

In her Youtube video, Maggie Karner reads her open letter urging Brittany not to take her life by assisted suicide.

The assisted suicide lobby has turned the Brittany Maynard story into a new campaign to legalize assisted suicide throughout the United States.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition hopes that Brittany Maynard will release herself from the grip of Compassion & Choices and find the necessary medical care that will enable her to fight her terrible disease, and if she dies, that she will die a peaceful death.


Voice of Gone Ballistic said...

Maggie Karmer should become the spokewoman against euthanasia and assisted suicide. She is far more believable than Brittaney.

Marimae said...

What a great testimony to the value of life - every second of it!

Henry Amsinga said...

Thank you Maggie, I listened to your video in tears, for I also have cancer plus painful arthritis
and at times I have thought about ending it all but how would I be able to meet my maker when doing that. Please Brittany, keep that in mind.

Wiesia said...

Life is a gift it has to be treasured every second of it despite of pain troubles and problems.

Ernie said...

Thank you and may God Bless YOU Maggie.

Patricia said...

Extraordinaire Maggie; you have captured the heart of all who love life from it's beginning to its natural ending. I pray we can hold the hands of others going through 'their pain' and see them to a peaceful end, or a peaceful start. I believe all people hurt when life ends abruptly. As a sibling of an aborted brother, I know the trauma it caused me. I believe choosing death before ones time will cause extreme trauma down the road to family and friends of loved ones taking their lives before their natural end. Thank you for your letter!