Monday, November 4, 2013

Arizona man given nine year sentence for assisted suicide.

Tyler Gunn
The Arizona Daily Star reported that Tyler Gunn was sentenced to nine years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter for the January 2013 assisted suicide death of Katherine Lemberg, a friend whom Gunn aided her suicide.
The Daily Star article by Patrick McNamara stated:
Gunn, 48, told police he helped Lemberg kill herself after weeks of discussions. Lemberg had a history of depression.
Police arrested him after Gunn’s parents found him asleep on the floor in their home with Lemberg’s body lying on the bed. Court records show Gunn helped Lemberg kill herself in Redington Pass, then drove her body to his parents’ home.
Lemberg’s sister, also Gunn’s sister-in-law, Christine Gunn, said at sentencing that Tyler Gunn showed no regard for human life.
“I will never understand how someone can do something so vile,” she said.
Lemberg’s former husband and parents also spoke at the hearing. She left behind two children.
Tyler Gunn apologized to the family for the killing.
“It was wrong. It was wrong, and I deserve the consequences that are coming my way,” he said.
Pima County Superior Court Judge Paul Tang said the defendant’s cooperation with police , his remorse and no attempts at flight stood as small mitigating factors in his sentencing decision.
Still, Tang excoriated Tyler Gunn for the killing, saying assisted suicide was wrong and rightfully illegal in Arizona.
“Often times a victim’s cry for self-harm or self-destruction is just a cry for help,” Tang said.
Tyler Gunn also must pay $4,593 to Lemberg’s family.

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