Saturday, September 21, 2013

Arizona man pleads guilty to manslaughter in assisted suicide.

Tyler Gunn
The Arizona Daily Star reported that Tyler Christopher Gunn, 47, pleaded guilty to the charge of manslaughter in the courtroom of Pima County Superior Court Judge Paul Tang on Friday.

This case is the prime example of why assisted suicide must be prohibited.
Gunn was accused of assisting the suicide of Katherine Lemberg 37, and researching the plan to commit suicide in Redington Pass on the far east side in January.
Gunn admitted to police that he helped Lemberg commit suicide by placing a bag over her head, taping it closed and directing helium gas into the bag.
Police found Lemberg dead with Gunn at his parents home, where he had taken her body after helping her commit suicide in Redington Pass. Why Lemberg wanted to die is unknown.
Gunn was originally accused of first-degree murder for helping Lembourg commit suicide.
Gunn had been released on bond but was taken into custody in the courtroom Friday following his guilty plea.
He is scheduled for sentencing on November 11. Gunn faces a sentence of seven to 10 ½ years in prison.
Readers of this who are thinking about suicide contact. Suicide hotline.
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