Friday, September 5, 2008

Stop Descrimination Against Down Syndrome

Dr. Mark Mostert, director, Regent University, Institute for the Study of Disability and Bioethics - Virginia Beach and an upcoming speaker at the Euthanasia Symposium in Winnipeg, defends the right of people with disabilities to be treated with equality.

Mostert wrote on the USA Today blog:
"I really don't care about Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's political views. But here's what I do care very much about: She refused to discriminate against her unborn child when the Down syndrome diagnosis came in."
Mostert continued:
"As a society, we prattle on about equality, diversity and "access." The notion of inclusiveness rules the day as long as we're not talking about people with an extra chromosome."
Mostert concludes his comment by saying:
"Good for Palin for making the statement that needs to be made much more often: Genetic discrimination against people with Down syndrome must stop. Now. No excuses."
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