Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oregon Death with Dignity Political Action Fund donating up to $1 million to Washington Yes on 1000 Campaign

Dear Friends:

I have just come across this message (below) from the Oregon Death with Dignity Political Action Fund promising to empty their coffers by matching all further donations to the Yeson1000 campaign in Washington State - up to $1 million. They also elude to the fact that all donations of $5000 or more must be received by October 13.

I wish the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition could make a similar financial commitment, but unlike the euthanasia lobby, we lack the donors with deep pockets.

Nonetheless, you can make a difference. We cannot allow the euthanasia lobby to brainwash the public by running television commercials without a counter-point-of-view.

We absolutely need people and organizations, like yourselves, to give to the Washington Coalition Against Assisted Suicide. I am not a great begger for money but there has never been a more important time, than today, to make a large donation to stop the forward progression of the culture of death.

Just 3 days ago the Oregonian newspaper editorial board (the largest newspaper in Oregon) stated that they are opposed to the I-1000 assisted suicide initiative in Washington State. You can link to the article from the Oregonian by going to my blog at: http://alexschadenberg.blogspot.com/2008/09/oregonian-editorial-board-opposes.html

If Washington State passes the I-1000 assisted suicide initiative then their will be a wild-fire response of new initiatives to legalize assisted suicide everywhere. Our leaders are already discussing the need to establish coalitions in states throughout the US to organize an effective response to the impending initiatives.

Please give generously to the Coalition Against Assisted Suicide.

Contact them at: Coalition Against Assisted Suicide, P.O. Box 11794, Olympia Washington, 98508, Phone (206) 337-2091 or go to: https://ssl22.pair.com/stshore/contribute_suicide.html

Thank you for your generous response.

Alex Schadenberg
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
Call: 1-877-439-3348
email: info@epcc.ca

P.S. Please read the message from The Oregon Death with Dignity Political Action Fund that is reprinted below.

Washington Campaign Enters Final Weeks

The Oregon Death with Dignity Political Action Fund is leading efforts to raise $1M to ensure passage of the Washington Death with Dignity initiative this November.

We are entering the most critical time for the Washington campaign. We are working on the final push to raise enough money to purchase television commercials to counter our opponents' lies in the media.

In every past Death with Dignity campaign, our opponents, including the Catholic Church, have funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in last-minute donations into efforts to defeat us on Election Day. They have used this money to spread scare tactics and lies. In order to win, we have to successfully counter these ads with the truth about I-1000 and our experience with Oregon's Death with Dignity law.

So far, we have experienced phenomenal success. Every piece of the campaign has fallen into place, and we are on the brink of victory on November 4. We exceeded the number of signatures required to be included on the ballot by 100,000. We have three former Washington governors endorsing the Death with Dignity initiative. We have endorsements from nine different editorial boards, including the biggest newspaper in the state. We can see a win!

We are asking you today to meet our challenge of raising $1M for the Washington campaign. The Oregon Death with Dignity Political Action Fund has agreed to empty our coffers and incur a substantial financial loss in order to assure success for this campaign. This campaign is so important to our organization that we are willing to go broke trying to win it!

We originally donated $315,000 in seed money to the campaign. And we are now prepared to contribute an additional $500,000 in matching funds for every donation received by the campaign to reach the $1M goal. Your gift will have double the impact!

Campaign finance laws in Washington state require that all donations over $5,000 be made by October 13. We have very little time. Please show your support today by making a secure, on-line donation directly to the Yes on I-1000 campaign.

The time is now to catapult the Death with Dignity movement forward. The power is yours to make this happen.

Thank you.
Sincerely, All of us at the Oregon Death with Dignity Political Action Fund

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