Friday, October 18, 2019

Swiss doctor found guilty in the assisted suicide death of a woman who was not sick.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Finally a little sanity within the insanity.

Pierre Beck
A Swiss doctor was found guilty in the assisted suicide death of a woman who was not sick. 

According to Swissinfo news:
A court in Geneva has given a suspended sentence to the regional vice-president of EXIT, Pierre Beck, for helping an 86-year-old woman to die when she was not sick.

He was found guilty of breaking federal law on therapeutic substances and given a suspended 120-day jail sentence. The court thus confirmed a criminal order issued by the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland.

Beck, a medical doctor who is vice-president of Exit in francophone Switzerland, provided a lethal dose of pentobarbital in April 2017 for the elderly woman. She wanted to die with her husband, who was very ill.
According to Swissinfo, Beck admitted to acting beyond the criteria, but he said that he didn't regret his action and faced with a similar situation he would likely do it again, but after seeking advice.

The good news is the judge decided that Swiss law does not permit assisted suicide for existential reasons.

The court dealt with Beck leniently when giving him a suspended sentence. The lenient sentence may be interpreted as a green light to kill because the court did not provide a deterrent.

Recently a physically healthy depressed man died by euthanasia in BC. Alan Nichols (61) died by euthanasia, even though he did not qualify for euthanasia since he was not sick. His family urged the doctor to stop the injection, but to no avail.

Hopefully the Nichols case can prevent other similar cases from occurring in Canada.


Everyday For Life Canada said...

The Swiss model is sadly the same death road that Canada has taken when it comes to euthanasia. There are no real safeguards in Canada's law and innocent people have been put to death and will continue to be killed. Euthanasia is not "end of life care" but state killing to save health care dollars that can then be spent on abortion. The whole thing is sick and evil

Richard Bray said...

Yes, these practices are clearly murder. This Swiss doctor gets convicted of euthanizing an 80 yr old and receivies a suspended sentence which is no sentence at all.