Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nitschke possibly connected to a murder in America.

By Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The media in Utah has reported that a suspicious death may be connected to a book written by an Australian euthanasia promoter.

The article reports on the suspicious death of Jean Chamberlain and the arrest of her husband Dennis states that:

Dennis Vance Chamberlain, of Roy, was charged Tuesday in 2nd District Court with murder, a first-degree felony. Prosecutors said they believe Chamberlain purposely gave his ailing wife, Jean, substances that killed her.

But Roy police Tuesday declined to say whether they believed Chamberlain's alleged actions were committed as a mercy killing, assisted suicide, or whether his intentions were more malicious.

Police have stated that they think they have a motive but the story also reported the suspicious circumstances related to Jean's death.

Police started interviewing people, and quickly got conflicting stories about where Chamberlain was that morning.

"Dennis had initially told his family that he had walked his dog around the block, and when he returned home, he found Jean deceased. He later told neighbors a different story about him taking Jean to the hospital earlier that morning, and after he went on a walk to the mailbox, he returned home and found her deceased. Dennis also told his family that his LDS (Church) bishop had responded to the home and pronounced Jean deceased, but it was later confirmed he had never responded nor was the bishop notified until a day after Jean’s death," according to the charges.
Another article quoted Janis Ferran, a family member, who stated that Chamberlain had been writing about death. The article stated:
Chamberlain wrote a letter stating some research he was doing on ending a life, but no one thought he'd actually do such a thing. Family members thought it was just another bizarre letter from their odd brother in law. ... 
Farran said she was not immediately alarmed, "You just didn't think he would do such a thing. I just kind of thought what a strange guy who would write something like that you know, you just don't think anything like that would really happen,"

Chamberlain was infamous for his peculiar writings says Farran, many in the family simply ignored him or returned the letters to him unopened.
Philip Nitschke
A possible connection to an Australian Euthanasia Promoter:
Detectives served search warrants on Chamberlain's computers and found search histories for "methods on how to commit suicide and other resources such as doctors to sign death certificates. The search histories also were specific to certain medications, chemicals and poisons," according to the report. 
Financial records showed Chamberlain had bought an oxygen mask and a book titled “.... ." 
"The book was collected from Dennis’ home during a search warrant, and after reviewing its contents, it appeared Dennis had marked several areas inside with an emphasis on the Exit Bag with nitrogen gas. The book informs the reader that the only method undetectable at autopsy is an Exit Bag with nitrogen gas, and the items needed to construct the kit are easily accessible," the charges state. 
The book was a guide "on how to commit suicide without it being detected in an autopsy. This book could also be used as a guide to commit a homicide," Roy police stated.
In November 2013, an Arizona man was sentenced to 9 years in prison for manslaughter in the death of his friend who died by asphyxiation.

On June 30, 2011, Oregon Governor Kitzhaber signed a bill into law that outlawed the sale of "suicide kits" in Oregon.

The article concluded by stating that Jean Chamberlain was otherwise healthy.
Although she had a stroke, Farran says her sister was not that sick. She says Dennis made her seem more ill than she was and it set the stage for her death.
Promoters of euthanasia are aware that books instructing people on how to commit suicide can also be used for homicide. Books and material that are being promoted and sold are irresponsible and will often lead to the death of depressed individuals or enable a spouse or others to kill a vulnerable person.

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