Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Assisted Suicide lobby group loses its charitable status

By Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
Alex Schadenberg

The leading assisted suicide lobby group in Canada, has lost its charitable status.

In Canada, charities are allowed to allot 10% of their financial and time resources to political activities. The charities act defines political activity as lobbying and working to change Canadian law. 

The Canadian Press falsely inferred that Dying With Dignity lost its charitable status based on its opposition to government policies. Revenue Canada defines political activity, not based on whether they advocate for a particular political point of view, but rather because they are actively lobbying government for political change.

The Ottawa Citizen report appears more balanced:
In a letter delivered last week, however, the Canada Revenue Agency said the organization was “registered in error” and will have its charitable tax status annulled. 
Death With Dignity Canada is expected to have its charitable status stripped on Feb. 15,  after which it will continue as a non-profit organization. Donations to non-profit groups are not tax-deductible. 
Following a lengthy audit of the charity and its activities, the revenue agency concluded that it does not conduct “any activities advancing education in the charitable sense.” 
...In its letter, the revenue agency said the federal government made a mistake by granting Dying with Dignity Canada charitable status and then renewing it in 2011. As a result, the agency said it would “annul” rather than revoke the organization’s charitable status, allowing it to retain all of its current assets.
The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is a registered non-profit corporation in Canada. EPC has never been a charity since we have honestly stated that we are politically active.

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Dying With Dignity exists to change laws that protect Canadians from euthanasia and assisted suicide. During the political debates on this issue, Dying With Dignity has been actively lobbying politicians.


Winston said...

When asked "What are the arguments against voluntary euthanasia?"

The correct answer is, "There are none."

Alex Schadenberg said...

Read the blog articles. Killing is killing and cannot be controlled.