Wednesday, February 13, 2019

What happened to do no harm? Protecting you from medical homicide.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

I just re-published the excellent article concerning the involuntary euthanasia deaths at Mount Carmel hospitals in Ohio. (Link to the article).

It is shocking that 34 people are known to have died after allegedly receiving an intentional lethal overdose of painkillers from Dr William Husel. Husel had his medical license suspended and he was fired from the hospital, while 20 other hospital employees have been suspended. 

Last night I received a call from a physician who was seeking advice about launching a criminal case into the death a close family member. The cover-up for the death started immediately and no one would have suspected anything if this doctor didn't arrive the afternoon before the death and start asking questions about the lethal levels of drugs that the family member was administered.

We spoke for a long time about his frustration about the lack of response from the local police. We have referred him to an excellent lawyer.

It is not easy to bring medical homicide cases forward. Usually the victim's family do not have a medical background and only suspect that something wrong occurred while the police view medical homicide complaints as "medical error" cases or simply as not in their jurisdiction.

We hope that this case will go forward since the plaintiff is an experienced physician and the circumstances are similar to Ohio.

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