Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How many people have died by euthanasia in Canada?

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The Globe and Mail published an article by Kelly Grant featuring a BC couple who wanted to die by euthanasia together, but ended up dying by euthanasia four days apart.

I had hoped that the pro-euthanasia propaganda media articles would lessen now that euthanasia is legal in Canada, but in fact the media continues to ramp up the propaganda.

Nonetheless, the Globe and Mail article states that at least 784 people have died by euthanasia in Canada since June 2016.

On December 29, I reported on a CTV News article stating there were at least 744 people who died by euthanasia since June.

Both articles clearly state that there could be more and both articles use 
data from a Québec report that was published more than two months ago, on November 1.

I believe that the number of euthanasia deaths will continuously increase as long as the media continues to publish articles promoting euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Comparing the data from the Dec 29 CTV news article to the Jan 18 Globe and Mail (G & M) article:

  • BC 154 (CTV)  -  195 (G & M),
  • Alberta 63 (CTV)  -  71 (G & M),
  • Saskatchewan 8 (CTV)  -  11 (G & M),
  • Manitoba 18 (CTV)  -  32 (G & M),
  • Ontario estimated 180 (CTV)  -  200 estimated (G & M)
  • Québec 300 estimated (CTV)  -  262 (data based on November 1 report) (G & M)
  • Nova Scotia 16 (CTV)  -  16 (G & M),
  • Newfoundland and Labrador 4 (CTV)  -  4 (G & M),
  • New Brunswick 0 (CTV)  -  0 (G & M),
  • Prince Edward Island 0 (CTV)  -  0 (G & M),
  • Northwest Territory 0 (CTV)  -  0 (G & M),
  • Yukon Territory 1 (CTV)  -  1 (G & M),
  • Nunavut did not release data (CTV)  -  0 in Nunavut (G & M), 
The Globe and Mail report has under-estimated the number of euthanasia deaths in Québec.

Further to that, the government monitors "assisted death" with a self-reporting system. The reporting system requires the doctor or nurse practitioner who carries out the euthanasia to also report the death. 

The Netherlands and Belgium also employ a self-reporting system to collect data on euthanasia. Based on studies, it is estimated that (20% - 23%) of all euthanasia deaths in the Netherlands are not reported and more than 40% of the euthanasia deaths in Belgium are not reported. Underreporting of assisted suicide also occurs in Oregon and Washington State.

The only way to uncover abuse of the euthanasia law is through family and friends who are willing to share their story. Several stories have already been uncovered.

If you are willing to share information about the euthanasia death of a family member or friend please call Compassionate Community Care at: 1-855-675-8749.

EPC looking for a story for our next documentary. If you seriously considered dying by euthanasia or assisted suicide or felt pressured toward an assisted death, please call us at: 1-877-439-3348.

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