Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Law Society of Scotland rejects assisted suicide bill.

Alex Schadenberg
By Alex Schadenberg
International Chair - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The media is reporting that the Law Society of Scotland has joined the chorus of organizations that oppose the assisted suicide bill that will go to a vote tomorrow.

Alison Britton, the convener of the Law Society's health and medical law committee in Scotland said that the assisted suicide bill lacked clarity and would be difficult to enforce.

The media reported Britton as stating:

We have said throughout the passage of this Bill that legislation in this area needs to be absolutely clear and those seeking to end their lives, and those who assist them, need a robust and transparent process to be certain under which conditions it would be lawful for assistance to be provided. 
We remain concerned over the lack of definition of the key terms, such as 'assistance' and 'life-shortening' and the functions of the licensed facilitator are still uncertain. 
Lack of such clarity leads to ambiguity and leaves the legislation open to interpretation.
Dr Gordon Macdonald
Dr Gordon Macdonald from the Care Not Killing Alliance Scotland was reported as saying that the assisted suicide bill will likely be defeated.

Last week the Care Not Killing Alliance presented a petition to the Scottish parliament of 15,300 people who oppose the assisted suicide bill.

Assisted suicide is unethical and unsafe. It is wrong to give doctors, or others, the right in law to assist in causing the death of another person.

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maria said...

Good for Scotland - Dont let this bill pass.
The ones who will be most at risk will be the most vulnerable, the elderly, the sick, the disabled!

Just look at the Netherlands and other countries who let this pass. !!

It is another Culture of death plan!

Scotland protect 'your people'!!!