Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stephen Drake asks difficult questions about the Kaylee Wallace case.

Kaylee Wallace is an infant in Toronto who has Joubert Syndrome. Her parents have been told by the specialists at Sick Children's hospital in Toronto that Kaylee will die from her medical condition.

Jason Wallace and Crystal Vitelli, the parents of Kaylee, offered the heart of Kaylee for donation to Lillian O'Connor, a one month old child who requires a heart transplant.

There are questions about the ethics of offering a heart.

What happened is that on Tuesday morning, Kaylee was removed from the respirator, but didn't die.

In the meantime this has become a media circus about if one of the babies will die, will there be an organ donation, etc, etc.

Please read Stephen Drake's comments. It asks some very serious questions.
Link to the Stephen Drake's comments on the Not Dead Yet blog:

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