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Death for hire - suicide machine lets you push final button

Comment by Alex Schadenberg

From American euthanasia crusader Jack Kevorkian to Roger Kusch the promoter of the suicide machine in Germany, the concept of causing death has become the new social problem to be solved by a technological innovation.

Kevorkian began his campaign with the death-machine, therefore it is nothing new to notice that Kusch is beginning his death campaign by copying Kevorkian. Nothing new.

Meanwhile Dignitas in Switzerland has decided to use the Plastic Bag and Helium method to assist the suicides of their death tourists. In case that isn’t enough for Ludwig Minelli, the director of Dignitas, Minelli has written a book on how to commit suicide. The advantage to the plastic bag method is that it doesn't require a physician to prescribe death drugs and therefore is free of any regulations.

The general public is constantly told that euthanasia needs to be legalized to allow people to die with dignity. Since when did dying by donning a plastic bag over one’s head become a dignified death? Since when did a suicide machine become a social innovation?

Society needs to recognize that the death purveyors are becoming desperate to gain acceptance for killing. They claim to be concerned about "compassion" and "mercy" but are really looking for death on demand.

They are willing to accept laws that legalize euthanasia with a veneer of safeguards in order to create societal acceptance for killing people at the most vulnerable time in their life.

But as Dr. Rob Jonquiére, the chief executive officer of NVVE - the Right to Die Society in the Netherlands stated at the World Federation of Right to Die Society conference in Toronto in 2006, the final goal of their organization is to gain approval for the "last-will-pill" that would be available for people who are not suffering but who are "tired of living".

The death culture also likes to juxtapose itself to "religious fundamentalism". The reality is that people with disabilities, who are the strongest opponents to euthanasia, tend not to be religious fundamentalists. This is just another ploy to label the opposition of the culture of death.

Whether it be a last-will-pill, a suicide machine, a suicide bag, the death movement has become a radical ideology that worships death.

Remember, this is not about terminal illness, it is not about compassion for the dying, this is not about ending suffering. This is about having someone end your life at the time of your choosing or to for society to allow someone to end the lives of vulnerable people who do not realize that they are better off dead.

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March 29, 2008
Death for hire - suicide machine lets you push final button
Roger Boyes in Berlin
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