Friday, September 1, 2023

You are not alone. Life-Protecting Power of Attorney for Personal Care can save your life

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Recently, someone asked me:
"Will a Power of Attorney for Personal Care document protect me from euthanasia when I can't speak for myself?"

EPC updated the Life Protecting Power of Attorney for Personal Care when euthanasia and assisted suicide was legalized in Canada. It will protect your life.

The Life-Protecting Power of Attorney for Personal Care is available in multiple formats: a general Canadian version, a British Columbia version, and two different American versions.

$10 is an inexpensive investment to protect your life.

EPC sells the Life Protecting Power of Attorney for Personal Care for $10 + taxes.

The Life Protecting Power of Attorney for Personal Care:

- ensures that your Power of Attorney will have the ability to uphold your values 
- protects you from euthanasia and assisted suicide
- defines the treatment decisions that you want in the event that you are unable to make decisions for yourself

The Life Protecting Power of Attorney gives you peace of mind that you are not alone. 

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition will help you if your expressed wishes are ignored or if a hospital or doctor pressures to impose decisions upon you.

To make a donation, or to order the Life Protecting Power of Attorney, (Information Link):

call: 1-877-439-3348 

EPC works with Compassionate Community Care (CCC) to offer practical advice and support when you or a loved one are faced with difficult medical care decisions, or if you are concerned that a friend or a loved one is being denied basic care or has died by euthanasia.

Contact CCC at: 1-855-675-8749. 


Unknown said...

Does this only apply to Canada or is it also valid in the US?

Thanks much,


Alex Schadenberg said...

This is a Canadian document, but the language of the document can be used in the US. Every State and Province have different rules or laws, even though most of them are similar.

Vi said...

Do you know if there is a document similar to this is the UK?

Anonymous said...

Do children need this as well then? Or only adults?

Alex Schadenberg said...

In most jurisdictions, the parents are the power of attorney for the child. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to have a Power of Attorney for Personal Care for "mature minors" because the law enables them to make medical decisions.

Anonymous said...

Good deal! I am not living in Canada at the moment but the way the world is going, I think this would be good to have. Will have to check into the law here to see if something like this would be honored in a certified translation. Thank you for making this available and I will let people know about it as I am able to.

Danielle said...

Hi Alex,

In the past you offered the Advance Directive stating not to euthanize. I notice now you have a Power of Attorney instead. Is there a reason? Is it better to have an Advance Directive to not Euthanize or the Power of Attorney that you are currently offering.


Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear Danielle:

It is the same document. I always called it the Life Protecting Power of Attorney for Personal Care and it always stated that you do not want euthanasia.

Anonymous said...

Can this document be used in Ireland

Alex Schadenberg said...

The format of the document may not be usable in Ireland but the conditions/restrictions section can be imported into any document anywhere. The Life-Protecting Power of Attorney for Personal Care is legal in most jurisdictions world-wide because it follows a basic format.

Voice of Gone Ballistic said...

Why are you charging for the Life Protecting Power of Attorney. You should be promoting the hell out of it and not charging for it.

Anonymous said...

I believe the charge for this document covers the cost of printing and mailing it out...please correct me if I am wrong. I will happily pay for 3 of these documents as I just lost my brother over a year ago after trying to convince his doctor to do all in his power to keep my brother alive for several months when covid prevented any visitation. On the night before my brother died a male nurse allowed me to speak to my brother on his cell. While the male nurse was out of the room, he said to me "Kathy, they want me dead!" I was horrified! Then he began to choke and I cried out on the phone for someone to help him. Someone came into the room and the phone was cut off. The next evening I got a call that my brother had died and I needed to make arrangements to have his body removed from the hospital. This story is verifiable. I will chat with anyone from the EPA about it if a request is made.

Anonymous said...

Go to a lawyer or two. Or maybe go to the media. I hope Alex responded to you! This happens all the time.