Thursday, November 12, 2015

Emily "Laura" is a healthy 24 year-old who was approved to die by euthanasia in Belgium. Emily has chosen to live.

By Alex Schadenberg
International Chair, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The Economist released a video on November 10 concerning Emily, a 24 year-old physically healthy woman who was approved for euthanasia for the reason of psychological suffering. The video is titled 24 & ready to die.
The 21 minute video (bottom of article) interviews Emily, her psychiatrist (Lieve Thienpont), her mother, and her friends. The video ends with Emily deciding not to go through with the lethal injection. 

It appears that the Economist was producing a pro-euthanasia video to justify Emily's death by euthanasia except that Emily changed her mind. The video concludes by trying to sell the viewers on the idea that Emily chooses not to die because she has a choice. In reality legal euthanasia has enabled death to be seen as a treatment for psychological pain, enabling her to die by lethal injection.

The greater question is how come Emily was approved for euthanasia? Was she experiencing unremitting suffering?

We first learned about Emily on June 19 in an article by Simone Maas that was published in the Belgian DeMorgen news concerning psychiatrist, Lieve Thienpont, who works with the Belgian euthanasia clinic, and had approved "Laura" for euthanasia. "Laura" was the name that Thienpont used to describe Emily. The article states that Laura is physically healthy but living with psychological pain. (google translated):
She has good friends, loves good coffee and theater. And she has felt that she wanted to die ever since childhood. Laura (24): "Life, that's not for me." This summer, euthanasia will end her life full of inner conflict, depression and self-destruction. 
I met the West Flemish Laura at the presentation of the book 'Libera me' euthanasia for psychological reasons. Writer Lieve Thienpont is one of the psychiatrists who gave Laura a positive opinion for euthanasia.
The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) responded by launching an online campaign asking people to Sign: A Letter of Hope to Laura. More than 12,500 people signed the Letter with many people offering a genuine concern for Laura.

What we learned from the Letter of Hope to Laura is that many people live with depression and similar psychological pain. Psychological pain is a common human condition. Death is not the answer to psychological pain.

The Economist video ends with Emily deciding to live, but Emily remains conflicted. We urge Emily to find a supportive place and to hold onto hope for better days.


  1. Oh if only Emily knew Jesus----He would "fill" that empty hole in her heart...If only she knew Him!!!!!If only she knew the incomprehensible value of her life and what God wants to give her......Sending love and prayers +++++++ <3

    1. In Him is Life for He is Life!

      The euthanasia on demand is worse than WW II.These poor people during the war would have given anything to live. Now people wnt to die.Christ is definitely the answer.

  2. That Letter of Hope was a great idea. God bless her and all who suffer psychologically. All of us need to be there for them.

  3. God bless her and your organization for alerting us to news about these horrors of euthanasia and assisted suicide that are assaults to the dignity of the human person

  4. She should not let doctors drive her around. She is free to do what she wants by the declaration of human rights. She does not have to listen to someone heartless who does not listen to her and says she has to believe in being cured while experimenting with her. She is talking and talking to these doctors I don't know how many years. She should know that they don't know nothing.

  5. Eckart Tolle, Mooji, Sadhguru, thoese are the best spiritual teachers that can give great insights into depression, she is so young and she must listen to their talks, it is truly life changing.

  6. Emily is a victim of a systemic nihilism. No meaning, no purpose but pleasure. No worth but the material.
    Emily needs love.
    The love of her fellows and of God.
    The shrink should be arrested.

  7. I stumbled upon Emily's video today and I am glad she did not follow through. I noticed her mentioning that she is not religious. I agree with Maureen above that Emily needs the Lord in her life, as her savior. It isn't even about religiousness, it's about Jesus. I speak from knowing mental torments and I wouldn't say they just go away with coming to know the Lord. But it's so vital to exit the world of self absorption and be humble before God and pray to have the truth revealed regarding life now and beyond this material existence. I am unsure of the resources Belgium has regarding the truth of Jesus. Two resources I find relevant to Emily's life are this write-up: and the confessions of a pastor struggling with mental illness, who loves God's Son:

    I hope one day to see Emily as a sister in Christ.

  8. hi Emily, i would like to soeak with you, i want to tell you simething very interesting, could you please tell me your full name or your facebook name? :) thanks!

  9. I hate how all these comments are about religion. emily's story is heartbreaking, can't we talk about how strong she is rather than her religious beliefs?

  10. What is wrong with having beliefs? Every person on this earth believes something. Better to believe that Jesus loves me than to think I am all alone...This is no mere religious belief. It is true. The world is full of belief systems, religious or not. What is true? God is true. I think you can believe what he says. He says he has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. Would you rather have the so-called specialists like Emily's shrink tinker with your mind? Look organized religion is only any good as long as God is at the helm. If not, by all means look somewhere else...but look for God. Look for Jesus.

  11. She actually went through with it two years after the documentary. Sometimes it just takes a little more time to be ready. How dare people try and force another person to suffer for their mental comfort. People are assholes

  12. Emily went ahead with assisted dying on 25th August 2018 so this hardly supports your position.

  13. I live in America and have refractory mental illness which means I will not get better. I am 66 years old and weary. I contacted the euthanasia mental health doctor in Belgium and she agreed to give me a lethal injection when euthanasia becomes legal to apply to foreigners there. I am Catholic and it must be a sin but how much of one?This option should be open only to hopeless people over 50.

  14. Hello, Don. You are a Catholic, but did you know Jesus Christ and how much He gave so that you could live? Our Father in heaven has had a plan for your life since before He created you. Your life matters, but you will only be healed once you trust in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. Then you will begin to realize that your life does matter, a lot! I can speak on this because I have been healed and delivered from depression miraculously by Jesus, the Only Healer there is in the whole world. You need to live and not die. Do not accept the diagnosis of the doctors and psychologists, but accept what the Word of God says about you. Look up your identity in Christ on the internet today and you will have new hope.

  15. To Emily,

    I understand your torment. My boyfriend over long years suffered agonizing torment for for which there was no cure. He was labeled catatonic paranoid schizophrenic. After searching for years for a cure, and many disappointments, God led us to a Baptist church called Hegewish Baptist Church in Highland, Indiana, U.S. There after many sessions of prayer and in Jesus' Name casting out the demons that tormented him, he was finally freed from the demon voices that tormented him. He was freed from the agonizing depressions that plaqued him. I know a good number of people who were similarly rescued from their demonic tormentors. Jesus said, Those who believe in Me, shall cast out demons." Only strong christians should do this. Never go to a psychic; you'll only open yourself up for more demons to enter. There is Ellel Ministries in The Netherlands, also Derek Prince Ministries in The Netherlands. Contact these places. The people there are very knowledgeable and trained in this area. There is hope in the Lord Jesus Christ and freedom to be gained in His Name. It sounds like you were born with a spirit of death wish. But it can be cast out! Hope you will go to the right place. Suicide is NOT the answer. You'll end up in a place far worse than you are in now. Hell for those who do not acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. Hope you will take the right course of action.


    Elisha Shaloom