Thursday, December 10, 2009

Euthanasia of infants with disabilities in the Netherlands

Mark Mostert has written an interesting blog comment about the fact that the Dutch are considering allowing euthanasia of newborns based on possible future pain.

Link to his blog posting:

The article admits that infants with disabilities have been dying by euthanasia because of possible future pain since the enception of the Groningen Protocol. I have written about this issue in the past and an article in the Hastings Center Report (Jan-Feb 2008) admitted to the fact that this practise was already happening.

Remember, the Dutch tend to go ahead and push the boundaries, and then they later decide to legalise the existing practise under the guise of regulation.

And they say that there is no slippery slope in the Netherlands! That is only because they are already at the bottom of the slope.

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