Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mother agrees to let Lauren Richardson live.

Lauren Richardson is a 24 year old woman who lives in Deleware who suffered a severe brain injury in August 2006.

Richardson was pregnant at the time of her brain injury, but successfully delivered a child in February 2007.

Richardson's mother (Edith Towers), who was Lauren's legal guardian, had petitioned the court to have the food and fluids that she was receiving by a tube removed. This would have resulted in a death by dehydration, in the same way as Terri Schiavo died.

Randy Richardson, Lauren's father, had asked the courts to grant him guardianship over Lauren to enable him and his family to continue to care for her.

Alliance Defense Fund attorney's negotiated a settlement over the care of Lauren.

Richardson's mother has apparently changed her position based on - religious conviction and heartfelt interaction with her ex-husband’s family. She has - decided to join cooperatively with Randy Richardson to care for their daughter and to drop her court request to remove her daughters fluids and food.

A media release from the Alliance Defense Fund stated that:
The parents agreed to settle the case, to share joint guardianship of their daughter, and to cooperate in caring for her at Randy Richardson’s Maryland home. Lauren Richardson wept emotionally when her mother informed her of the settlement and the reconciliation of her parents, confirming to the mother that her daughter was aware and responsive. Both parents and their families continue to interact with her daily.

In the media release, Legal Counsel Matt Bowman stated that:
"This change of heart and settlement has profoundly affected everyone involved. The miracle of life is not something that should be taken lightly."

This is a very important case. By providing care for Lauren, Lauren's parents have come to agreement, they have reconciled their relationship and Lauren will be able to be cared for at home.

A tragedy has been averted. This was done because Lauren's father loved his daughter enough, that he was willing to put his life aside and fight for her life. He provided care for her resulting in a significant recovery for Lauren.

Caring not Killing is the answer.

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